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From the Chair
Jim Lansing

In the past year, it has been hard to avoid “outrage fatigue” created by reacting to the outrageous activities of the current occupant of the White House. We must look past the chaos to focus on what can be done to create mid-term victories in 2018.

Many say a “Blue Wave” is emerging that will bring Democratic success in the mid-term.  There are positive signs.  Many voters have come to realize the mistake the was made in 2016.  Democratic victories in special elections are encouraging. An unprecedented number of women are stepping up to run for political positions. At our 2013 Breakfast in Atlanta, the dynamic speaker was a promising Democratic leader in the Georgia General Assembly: Stacey Abrams.  In May of this year national headlines showed how she made history in a dramatic and successful campaign to win the Democratic nomination for Governor of Georgia!

The activism created by students and their families after the tragic school shootings in Parkland, Florida, and at Santa Fe, Texas may be a turning point in the movement to end school violence, and should be an inspiration for us. This year our union sisters and brothers created major strikes and protests in West Virginia, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, North Carolina. Positive changes in salary and working conditions have occurred. 2018 is the 50th anniversary of the nation’s first statewide teacher’s strike in Florida that created the Florida Education Association. Momentum is building.

We must work with our union governmental relations offices and our local, county, and state Democratic party organizations to make change happen. Every Democratic vote must be turned out!

Please renew your membership at the NEA Democratic Caucus booth #333 at the NEA EXPO on June 30th and July 1st, and attend our caucus meetings to tell us your concerns and suggestions. Memberships may be renewed at the booth, or with your state contact person. There are still several states where a contact person is needed. It is easy and fun to be the person to promote membership in the Democratic Caucus in your state caucus meetings. A packet may be picked up at the booth #333. Our annual breakfast meeting will be held at 8:00 am on July 4th since the RA ends the following day.

The caucus positions of Chair and Secretary are up for election/re-election to two year terms this year. Nominations may be made at the first business meeting on June 30th at 4:00 PM. All candidates running for office must be present.

Members may communicate with each other on the NEA Democratic Caucus Facebook page. Look for the Facebook page and request access to posts for information and updates. Look also for updates to our website, neademocrats.org, and for e-mail announcements via our list serve. The 2018 RA in Minneapolis will be a great one!

Jim Lansing, Chair

NEA Democratic Caucus

Jim Lansing, Chair

NEA Democratic Caucus

Please Note:

Our annual Breakfast Meeting will be held at 8:00 AM, on July 4TH, 2018 the RA ends the following day.

2013 Caucus Newsletter

Advice from the Vice-Chair

The Changing Landscape of New England Union Membership


For decades, the American Northeast has arguably been a bastion of public employee union strength and Democratic voters.  Coinciding with this situation, union membership in public schools and other entities has virtually been an automatic process, guaranteeing consistency and representation of public sector employees.  Recently, however, much attention and concern has been focused on the Janus case, and its far-reaching effects on all union membership, but especially in the Northeast. The details of the judgement have yet to be seen, but one can anticipate the same types of problems our brothers and sisters across the country have faced for years, including increased pressure from management not to join the union, barriers in place to meet and sign up new and existing employees every year, resistance to payroll deductions for union dues, and more.

Most of our Southern and Midwest brethren have faced these issues for years, with varying levels of success and challenges, so it begs the question, “what is the big deal with this new situation”?  The answer has numerous facets, but the largest one lies in the premise behind this and dozens of other court challenges around the country in recent months. Since the last Presidential election, President Trump has been active and actually working hard on only two major goals:  Eradicating all of President Obama’s accomplishments; and appointing as many conservatives in key posts like the Department of Education, and the courts with as many conservative judges as possible. From lower court justices and rulings against class action suits, to rolling back rights from the LGBTQ community, to the Janus case, making it harder to unionize and bargain, arguably one of the most important battles today is for the survival of Americans’ long-term democratic, legal rights.  In the constant chaos and smokescreen of FBI investigations and Trump-created conflicts with just about everyone, what is often lost in conversation is the almost secret battle in the courtrooms for our very rights as citizens.

So as we look to the future, and the midterm elections, it has never been more crucial to elect Democratic or other candidates that will not only represent our values in Congress, but also in the elected and appointed judgeship positions across the country.   This summer leading up to special and November elections, don’t passively stand by - our basic rights to speak out, debate, organize, and be free are at stake.



Kevin J. Dubois

Vice-Chair, Democratic Caucus

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Secretary’s Report

Do you agree that this is a promising time, as we watch Democrats winning races across the USA?


One highlight of my summer has been to show support for Stacey Abrams for the Governor of Georgia after her dramatic win in the Democratic Primary and to support Dr. Sid Chapman in his run for the Georgia General Assembly and a former house minority leader for the Georgia General Assembly and a former state representative.  Dr. Chapman is the current President of the Georgia Association of Educators.  Both Abrams and Chapman have been endorsed by the Georgia Association of Educators.  The fight continues for Stacey Abrams until Election Day on November 6th, 2018.  Dr. Chapman’s fight goes into a run-off election against fellow Democrat, Otha Thorton Jr., on July 24th, 2018 prior to Election Day in November.


As a reminder, please renew your NEA Democratic Caucus membership and bring your friend to join the caucus and the fight to elect Democrats.  I look forward to seeing everyone in Minneapolis, MN for what looks to be another exciting convention!


Debra J. Mines

NEA Democratic Caucus Secretary

NEA Democratic Caucus
2016-17 Officers



Jim Lansing



1st Vice-Chair

Kevin J. Dubois



2nd Vice Chair

open position



Debra J. Mines




Teresa M. Hodge vihodgetm@ymail.com




Jack Schneider


Paul Hambleton

2018 Caucus Schedule

Saturday, June 30
NEA Expo 9-3:45 Booth #333
Membership Mtg 4:00 pm Rm S100F
-nominations for officers and coordinators - must be present

Sunday, July 1
NEA Expo Booth 9-5 pm #333
Membership Mtg 12:00-1:00 Rm S100F

Monday, July 2
Membership Mtg 9:30-10:30 am S100F- Candidate speeches

Tuesday, July 3
Membership meeting - Lunch Break S100F (election of officers)

Wednesday, July 4
Breakfast Meeting 8:00-10:00 am
(registration 7:30-8:00)Convention Center Room 103EF

Thursday, July 5

Exec Committee Mtg 9:30-10:00am Convention Center S100F

NEA Dem Membership Renewal

Download here, fill out, and send to Jim Lansing at the address on the form.

In a Word…


The 2016 election is over and America’s future is in danger. What is vital to our beliefs and values as Democrats is under attack. All three branches of government are now under Republican control.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Koch Brothers will be pouring huge amounts of money into the 2018 elections.


ALEC is a shadowy group of companies and politicians working together behind closed doors to rewrite laws. ALEC and other right-wing Republican groups will far outspend Democratic candidates.

If Republicans maintain control of all three branches of government in 2018, the ultra-conservative one-percent will be able to push forward with their own self-serving objectives.

Democrats must be active. We must learn about the candidates, contribute money to our races, and work at the grass roots level to ensure that those elected in 2018 promote the principles of the Democratic Party.

If you are unable to attend the 2018 Democratic Caucus in Boston, please take the time to send in this year’s membership form in the Donkey's Tale.


In Solidarity,

Jack Schneider, Editor

What is the NEA Democratic Caucus? 

Each year, the National Education Association, NEA, holds an annual meeting called a Representative Assembly.  NEA members from around the country, even from around the world, attend the NEA-RA to discuss and formulate the direction of the NEA.

A wide variety of caucuses have sprung up over the years out of the specific interests of NEA members who attend the Assembly. 

The NEA Democratic Caucus is a caucus of the NEA delegates to the annual meeting who are members of the Democratic Party in their respective states. 

This web page helps those delegates get ready for their meetings at the regular annual meeting of the RA.

And of course, we are Democrat